Because Tri Training is an approved provider of VET FEE-HELP assisted diploma courses you can study now, pay later! We have eliminated all administration and enrolment fees and provide you with 2 weeks of no obligation, unlimited access to the eLearning platform so that you have peace of mind that the course you are enrolling in is right for you.

VET FEE-HELP courses are provided through a government approved financial assistance loan to help eligible students enrolled in diploma level training courses pay their tuition fees.

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Am I eligible for VET FEE‑HELP?

VET FEE-HELP is not open to everyone, so it is important to find out if you are eligible before to start enquiring into specific courses.

The main eligibility criteria of accessing VET FEE-HELP assistance is the following:

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder (resident in Australia for the duration of the unit); AND
  • You must not have exceeded the FEE‑HELP limit (see below); AND
  • You must meet all the course requirements including:
    • You are are a full fee-paying / fee for service student studying a diploma, advanced diploma, graduate certificate or graduate diploma level course at an approved VET FEE‑HELP provider who is a registered Training Organisation (RTO); OR
    • You are a student subsidised by a state or territory government (other than the Australian Capital Territory) studying a diploma or advanced diploma course; OR
    • You are a student subsidised by the Victorian, South Australian, Queensland, Western Australian and New South Wales Government studying in a specified certificate IV course (nominated courses vary by state) as part of the Certificate IV Trial that concludes in December 2016; AND
    • You are enrolled with an approved provider in an eligible unit of study by the census date for that unit.

For more information regarding eligibility requirements, download the VET FEE‑HELP Information booklet

What Does VET FEE-HELP Entail?

Through VET FEE-HELP, it is possible for you to qualify for a number of Open Colleges courses to acquire help in meeting the costs of your fees.

VET FEE-HELP is a scheme for student loan which is financed by Commonwealth Government. It assists qualified students who are joining courses; either Advanced Diploma or Diploma to meet their tuition fees. 

With VET-FEE HELP, You have the Choice of:

  • Suspending all your fees for tuition OR
  • Making payment of part of your fees and suspending the balance.

Do I Qualify for VET FEE-HELP?

To qualify for VET FEE-HELP you should:

  • Be a citizen in Australia or a holder of a permanent humanitarian visa who is going to be an Australian resident for the period of the study unit for which you are looking for help from VET FEE-HELP.
  • Submit a number for tax file.
  • Have not surpassed your limit for FEE-HELP; for 2016 it is $99,389
  • Present a CHESSN (Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number).

For My Online Course, is VET-FEE HELP Accessible?

Tri Training Online College provide a variety of online courses that are not only VET FEE-HELP approved, but also nationally recognised with employers.

A select number of Diploma courses provided by Tri Training are qualified for VET FEE-HELP.

An entire list of courses which qualify for VET FEE-HELP is available below:

List of VET FEE-HELP Courses:

In What Way does VET FEE-HELP operate?

  1. Make a Decision on which Course You Intend to Study
  2. Find out; it is visible on the suitable VET-FEE-HELP courses. See below.
  3. Enrol for VET FEE-HELP

Get in touch with a Tri Training Course and Careers Advisor, fill in the application forms and begin learning without fees deposit. Decide whether to suspend your whole fees or a section of it for the initial unit of study.

Join the initial Unit of Study
For the initial section of the course, obtain material for learning, evaluations and learning activities. It is possible for you to pull out from the Unit of Study prior to the date of census without a fine.

After the passing of the census date, the tuition fee is your responsibility, connected to that study unit.

Begin Learning
Finalise your education activities at your personal pace.

Finalise each of the evaluations in a Unit of Study prior to the completion date and proceed to the following one. It is a requirement for you to enrol again for every Unit of Study.

Begin making use of your new skill positively!

What Advantages are there in regard to using VET FEE-HELP to Pay for My Course?

  • You are able to sign up with Tri Training for a Unit of Study within a Diploma without submitting a deposit for fees.
  • Opt to suspend the entire fee quantity or pay a section of your fees and suspend the balance.
  • Repaying your Loan is stress-free; you will begin repaying your loan for VET FEE-HELP instantly via the tax method after you begin generating an income of more than $54,126; this is the compulsory repayment threshold for 2015-16. If in future you earn lower than this amount, your payments will then stop until you begin earning more than the threshold once more.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Even though VET FEE-HELP signifies that you sign up with Tri Training for particular courses without making a deposit of fees, this is a loan which should be repaid. In future, your credit rating may be affected if you fail to do this.
  • A loan fee of 20% is applicable to each loan for VET FEE-HELP that is excluded from the course fees or loan limit for FEE-HELP.

Here is a list of VET FEE-HELP Courses:

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